Lettings Manager Workshop
14th March 2019 - Wolverhampton
The Lettings Manager Course, you always wanted but wasn’t available...

Now it is!
Discover how to RUN a Lettings TEAM to make EVERYONE accountable and high performing
Running a Letting Agency is a highly complex and challenging role, because within such a team you will have a wide variety of characters and skillsets to carry out the varied functions
You will need Sales type people at the front, motivated, pushing to win more business but Problem solvers and compliance driven tenancy managers to keep your landlords, tenants and company safe and take care of the financials

In this full on one day event, we work through a typical agency day, starting with what is our primary function when running a letting agency, who do we work for, who are we accountable to (including the government organisations) what our business needs and what do our clients want and how do we serve all, whilst making profit…

What do we cover on the one day?
1. The RIGHT person in the right roles

We will work through the Staff Accountability Report to make sure your Letting Managers know how to get the right people sitting in the right seat and how to identify those that may need to move on.
We will also work through the many roles, characters and personality types that suit each role and how to manage each of these
2. Management Tips and Tricks

We will be sharing many of the common manager mistakes, like trying to do everything yourself, being too nice, being too nasty and accepting poor performance and working through how to solve these common mistakes
3. Generating Leads

We will look at how leads are generated for the business and some activities that need to be embedded and the mindset to make sure these are carried out including Hustle Hour, Cold Calling and Amber Nectar Tenant Marketing
4. Converting leads and Up-selling

We will look at the language we use with our teams and customers to get the best results looking at how to Embed a culture of opportunity seeking and up-selling throughout the business and clear honest educational communication to keep landlord loyal
5. The Dashboard

We will heavily focus on Knowing your numbers and reporting, we will walk them through the Branch Performance report and how and why it is important and how to make individual team members accountable for each section
6. Accountability

We will rehearse using the BPR to make team accountable and also running the team morning accountability meetings to achieve high performance throughout and identify weaknesses
7. 1-2-1’s

We will practice and use the team 1-2-1 review meetings to identify the team’s goals and objectives and how we can work together to grow our future A players and managers for the good of the business
8. Profitability and how to increase it
We will show them how to increase their value by increasing YOUR bottom line, how to really improve EVERY area of the business to make more money and as a result them money too
9. Staff Motivation

How to motivate the staff to perform, using motivational meetings, commission structures and BHAGS to officiate Huge changes and challenge beliefs…
We will also walk them through the Branch Manager Checklist and the Branch Performance Report 
I run workshops to teach this system only 2 times per year. The investment is £297 + VAT and I promise it will completely change the way your Lettings Manager operates the business. But space is limited. Each event sells out fast, so be quick, many that have learnt our systems, have had amazing results (see below).
To reserve your space on this ONE day workshop to learn how to RUN a Lettings TEAM to make EVERYONE accountable and high performing
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Lettings Manager Training Workshop
14th March 19
Limited Availability
  • Ticket: £297 + VAT
  • Workshop in the Midlands
  • 9AM - 5:30PM
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